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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been installing landscape lighting for over 20 years.  We have enhanced thousands and thousands of homes in that timeframe with elegant outdoor lighting that always enhance the homeowner’s outdoor living spaces.

We wanted to capture the process that we go through with our clients from the initial consultation up to the final installation.  To do this, we decided to do an “HGTV” style video documenting every step of the way, including the BIG REVEAL at the end.

This particular customer lives near our Augusta, GA office.  But whether it’s in Augusta, or our own office here in Austin, TX, or any of the 53 other OLP locations, you can rest assured knowing our process is the same.

We hope you take a moment to watch our show and catch the inspiration that professionally installed landscape lighting provides.


If you like what you’ve just seen and are thinking of adding landscape lighting, please give us a call.  We’d be happy to come transform your yard,  just as we did for our client Pam.



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There are boutique hotels that are inviting and unique. Lone Star Court Hotel is a new hotel in Austin that provides a retro-Austin feel and a great place to gather. The hotel includes a large open courtyard with a bar, outdoor seating and fire features. The outdoor courtyard is the heart of the hotel with live music nightly.

When it came to the hotel outdoor lighting, they turned to Rick Johnson of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Austin to enhance the safety and ambiance of the space. With great outdoor spaces throughout the entire property, Rick installed an outdoor lighting system that included both classic and more modern lighting applications.

LED lighting in hotel stairwell

LED lighting in hotel stairwell

When evaluating the space, a potential safety concern was noticed on the open rail stairwells. There were no lights! Small LED down lights were installed on the side of the handrail posts to provide the needed light for guests to see where they are stepping.

Rick used three different lighting techniques to light the beautiful trees on the Lone Star Court Property. One of, if not the, most common way to illuminate a tree is uplighting which was used on the majority of the trees at the hotel. Uplighting consists of fixtures being installed at the base of the tree shining upward and is a great way to highlight the tree. In addition to uplighting, Rick and his team installed moonlights and decorative lighting. Moonlights are installed up in the branches of the tree shining downward, resulting in beautiful shadows mimicking the effect of the moon. The decorative lights that were set in trees were LED tube styles lights.

Throughout the property, there are a number of walkways and paths as well as a few walkway bridges. LED path lights were used around the sidewalks of the property while pond lights were installed under the walkway bridges.

This is just some of the lighting that was used at the Lone Star Court Hotel, but Rick’s favorite happens in the heart of the property: the courtyard. Hanging under the pavilion in the center of the outdoor space, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Austin added 5 lines of commercial grade string lighting. Using an incandescent “Edison” bulb on a dimmer, Rick was able to provide the high end party lighting that LSC pavilionthe hotel was looking for.

If you have questions on hotel and hospitality outdoor lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

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It’s been a busy spring for us. Lots of new clients and we are grateful. One of the more popular trends that we are getting lots of calls on is for lighting outdoor living spaces. Decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, dining areas, water features, seems like everyokumpne is doing construction projects to enhance their back yards.

Finding lighting to enhance these spaces is an essential. Trying to entertain in the dark or off “porch lights” just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are planning a project of this type, here are a couple ideas on how to complete the look with elegant outdoor lighting:

Safety: One of the absolutes of nearly every project is dark stairs and railings that drop off into darkness in the back yard. This picture is an example of a project we just completed. Notice at the bottom, the small step down into the kitchen area. We added some LED strip lighting on the stair riser to safely light the area so no one will trip entering this potentially dark area.

Downlighting: It’s interesting to see our clients struggle with grilling in the dark or dining on a dark table. Again, looking at our sample work, you see a series of small fixtures installed in the rafters of the pergola to provide lighting for cooking as well as bar top eating.

Aesthetics: Consider some LED strip lighting tucked up under the bar or cap of a stone wall (or wood railing) as we have done here to really make your spaces pop. Notice both the bar front and far back wall are washed with soft ambient LED light. You can even add color changing LED that’s controlled with a remote and you’ll have the coolest back yard in the neighborhood.

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This video was taken to highlight the stunning effect of outdoor lighting around the house.  Click the link below to see this beautiful west Austin home with magnificent tree lighting, path and architectural lighting in the front yard to highlight the dramatic entry.  In back, there are many outdoor patio areas, pergolas, trees,and pool lighting to enhance the outdoor living space in back and the beautiful view of Lake Austin.  Overall, this is a beautiful house that clearly shows the enhancement that effective outdoor lighting can make to the overall appeal.


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Perhaps you’ve just invested in a covered patio for your back yard or you have an existing backyard living area. Now with it getting darker earlier, there are even fewer hours we can enjoy our decks and covered patio in the evening.


Copper flood light outdoor lighting fixture

Copper flood light outdoor lighting fixture


Now there’s a great solution – outdoor patio lighting and outdoor deck lighting. With proper lighting for your backyard structures, you can enjoy these areas well into the evening – well at any time all through the night.

There are a couple of types of outdoor lighting you can use. For your covered patio, we can either use up lighting or down lighting. Up lighting would be placed near the columns of your covered patio. This illuminates the entire structure without causing any light blinding.

The other type of lighting we can use for your covered patio or covered deck is down lighting. This type of lighting uses gentle lighting that illuminates downward and mimics the effect of the moon. Often a really nice effect is placing the down light in a tree so the light will not only throw light on the desired area but will also cast a pattern by illuminating down through the leaves of the tree.


Cast brass flood light outdoor lighting fixture

Cast brass flood light outdoor lighting fixture


This is why you want to use a professional lighting company. Professional landscape lighting and architectural outdoor lighting companies know how to place light to get the desired effect without causing any blinding rays.

When you’re selecting an outdoor lighting company, look for a company that will come out to give you a free estimate. No company should quote your investment over the phone without seeing the area, hearing your goals, and recommending a good solution to accomplish your goals.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we take that a step further. We actually set up temporary lights to show you exactly what it’s going to look like. We come in the early evening and do all the work. You simply take a look and let us know if that’s what you want.

Give us a ring
(512) 247 – 1815

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