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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been installing landscape lighting for over 20 years.  We have enhanced thousands and thousands of homes in that timeframe with elegant outdoor lighting that always enhance the homeowner’s outdoor living spaces.

We wanted to capture the process that we go through with our clients from the initial consultation up to the final installation.  To do this, we decided to do an “HGTV” style video documenting every step of the way, including the BIG REVEAL at the end.

This particular customer lives near our Augusta, GA office.  But whether it’s in Augusta, or our own office here in Austin, TX, or any of the 53 other OLP locations, you can rest assured knowing our process is the same.

We hope you take a moment to watch our show and catch the inspiration that professionally installed landscape lighting provides.


If you like what you’ve just seen and are thinking of adding landscape lighting, please give us a call.  We’d be happy to come transform your yard,  just as we did for our client Pam.



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A lot of homeowners are trying to be more environmentally friendly today.  Buying energy-efficient light bulbs for inside the house, using energy-efficient appliances, and conserving water, are some of the ways we are all trying to conserve energy.  The movement has now moved outdoors and our customers are now able to save up to 80% in energy by switching the light bulbs in their outdoor lighting fixtures with our new LED light bulb.

While LED outdoor lighting fixtures grows in popularity for their energy efficiency, there hasn’t been an option for homeowners who already had lights installed in their yard without replacing the entire fixture.  Until now.

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Par 36 LED bulb is making it easy for homeowners by simply changing out a bulb in an existing fixture assembly without any replacement of the fixture itself.  Once installed, this LED bulb has a rated life of 50,000 hours or 19 years if you have them on for 7 hours a day.  There is no socket that can fail and tests show that the bulb could be submerged in one meter of water for thirty minutes and still work.  And most importantly, the color is a warm white that will highlight all the best characteristics of your home and landscape.

We are pleased to offer this option to our customers to make their outdoor lighting systems more energy-efficient by cutting down their energy consumption up to 80%.  If you would like more information on retrofitting your current outdoor lighting system please contact our Austin office.

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LED PAR36 bulb –

We recently returned from the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives annual conference.  Certainly, the biggest news on the technology front was the introduction of a new LED PAR36 bulb.

Some of the features of this bulb:

  • 6watt (over 80% reduction in power consumption)
  • 3000 degrees Kelvin (warm white)
  • 50,000 hour rating (compared to 5,000 for halogen)
  • 5 year warranty

The light quality?  Side by side against a new halogen bulb, the light output (temperature) is so close that it’s hard to tell one from the other.  This light is also an easy retrofit in existing fixtures using PAR36 halogen bulbs.  Benefits:  the energy efficiencies saves electricity and super long burn rate lowers maintenance costs.  Typical payback on an LED conversion is less than 2 years.

LED bulbs replacing the MR16 bulb is also available now and an LED retrofit bulb for path lights will be coming in April, 2012.

Clearly, LED technology has finally arrived for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

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Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your friends and family.  As we head into the new year, it’s always been a time for optimism for us and certainly some of the recent economic indicators have been positive to fuel that optimism.  Since we still call ourselves the “new” owners of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Austin, we are especially optimistic about what the new year may bring for us.

One of our early goals for the new year is to be especially active publishing articles and updates on different lighting topics.  Whether it be new technologies, going green, or changing legislation, we hope you find our articles useful.  In that respect, we will be doing a lot more exclusive offers on Facebook for different seasonal promotions and discounts off some of our services.  We encourage you to become a fan of our site by clicking the Facebook “LIke” icon below or visiting our facebook page at facebook/OutdoorLightsAustin.com and then watch the feed for new offers from your friends at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

A simple closing by wishing a Happy New Year to all.

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