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Tree lighting Austin

When you’re doing garden lighting, landscape lighting, or even architectural lighting, one of the things you’ll have to decide is whether to do uplighting or downlighting. Hopefully you’re working with a lighting designer that can make the best recommendations for you. With outdoor lighting, likely they will suggest mostly uplighting but there are also some areas with your landscape where downlighting makes a lot of sense.

Uplighting serves a more practical purpose. When lighting your home, you want the illumination to come from ground up. From a practical standpoint, with uplighting, the light more fully illuminates the area where you walk and live. Also, the amount of light will be greater at the lightsource then at the distant point that is illuminated from that fixture. So, naturally, with architectural lighting, you want the light source to be closer to the base of the house or structure than at the roofline.

Palm tree lighting Austin

Palm tree lighting Austin

Hearing the word uplighting might conjure up images of bright blinding spotlights impeding your vision. But, with professional outdoor architectural lighting, this is not the case at all. The outdoor lighting fixture we use to light your house will most often be a well light. The well lights are usually placed in landscaping and the shape of the fixture directs the light toward your home and away from your eyes.

With landscape lighting, downlighting often makes the most sense for aesthetic and other reasons. With low plant garden lighting, downlighting will illuminate the most beautiful part of the plant which is often the top of the plant. Also, landscaping often “lives” in an area where uplighting might get in the eyes of the beholder. For lighting low plants and paths, we usually use our copper path light.

So, you want the light source close to the most important part of the area being illuminated. You don’t want the light shining in your eyes at any time. And you never want a spotlight effect. Good outdoor lighting should have a natural effect. It should make the item look similar to how it looks during the day.


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Perhaps you’ve just invested in a covered patio for your back yard or you have an existing backyard living area. Now with it getting darker earlier, there are even fewer hours we can enjoy our decks and covered patio in the evening.


Copper flood light outdoor lighting fixture

Copper flood light outdoor lighting fixture


Now there’s a great solution – outdoor patio lighting and outdoor deck lighting. With proper lighting for your backyard structures, you can enjoy these areas well into the evening – well at any time all through the night.

There are a couple of types of outdoor lighting you can use. For your covered patio, we can either use up lighting or down lighting. Up lighting would be placed near the columns of your covered patio. This illuminates the entire structure without causing any light blinding.

The other type of lighting we can use for your covered patio or covered deck is down lighting. This type of lighting uses gentle lighting that illuminates downward and mimics the effect of the moon. Often a really nice effect is placing the down light in a tree so the light will not only throw light on the desired area but will also cast a pattern by illuminating down through the leaves of the tree.


Cast brass flood light outdoor lighting fixture

Cast brass flood light outdoor lighting fixture


This is why you want to use a professional lighting company. Professional landscape lighting and architectural outdoor lighting companies know how to place light to get the desired effect without causing any blinding rays.

When you’re selecting an outdoor lighting company, look for a company that will come out to give you a free estimate. No company should quote your investment over the phone without seeing the area, hearing your goals, and recommending a good solution to accomplish your goals.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we take that a step further. We actually set up temporary lights to show you exactly what it’s going to look like. We come in the early evening and do all the work. You simply take a look and let us know if that’s what you want.

Give us a ring
(512) 247 – 1815

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Do you remember sitting in the car as a child and having your parents or grandparents tell you when to blow so you could blow the red light to green? Then you blow the light to green and you believe you are so magical. Then you come to the next light and start blowing, and blowing, and huffing, and puffing, and your grandparents try to distract you until they see the yellow light on the alternate side of the stop light and signal you to try again. Magic! It worked again. I’m magic!

Post-it note - turn lights off

There's an easier way to make sure the lights are turned off

As you grow older, you learn more ways to make the lights turn but you realize that it’s not magic. It’s electronics at work. You see the little tire lines in front of a stop light and know if you pull your tires directly on to those lines, the turn light or signal light will come on sooner.

We’ve found a way to create a little magic with your outdoor lighting. You tell us when you want your lights to come on and when you want them to go off. You base this on your security and safety needs as well as your energy conservation desires. There is no reason to run the lights all day and no reason to leave yourself a sticky note to remember to turn the lights off. We program your lighting timer and your lights come on and off exactly when you want!

What’s better is our lighting control automation experts will even tie in your other systems to work in conjunction with your lighting automation system. For example, we can use the same timer to turn your security system on when you desire. We can even provide you with access to turn these off and on while you are away.

Here’s a great video to show how it works.

As you saw in the video, we can turn certain lights on in sequence. We can turn lights on at a partial percentage in the early dusk hours and turn them all the way up when it’s fully dark. You tell us what you want and we program it to work for you.

Give us a ring to talk about lighting control automation for your home. (615) 373 – 0638

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I guess this is my week to blow off steam; this past week has put a big reminder on my shoulders!! A majority of the time spent out in the field this past week has been spent on repairing other company’s mistakes and lack of attention to details. My grandfather and father drove it into my head as a youngster if you’re going to do something “Do It Right the first time and you won’t have to Do It Again”. I’ve seen transformers’ altered and jerry rigged, lines installed incorrectly, fixtures placed where they shouldn’t have been placed and a sundry of other maladies! Homeowners in general do not know the difference but we as lighting professionals do and should care enough to perform in a professional manner. It takes a lot more time and energy to go back and fix the problem we created in the first place, so take pride in what you install and do it right.

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