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Lighting a commercial stairwell can be a bit tricky.  We were already working with this new hotel in Austin on their landscape lighting when they asked us about the stairwells.  After construction, they realized the stairwells were too dark and this presented both a potential security, as well as safety problem.  Not to mention that local codes require it, but that’s a side point.  They had already found the LED light fixture and we accepted the challenge to install over 90 of the lights in 6 separate stairwells.

The challenge with 3/8″ steel is finding a way to first get a drill bit through and then how to hide the wire inside the railing.  We decided we could actually use the inside of the handrail to drop from one light to the next.  We did burn up several hundred dollars in drill bits, but in the end, we had virtually no exposed wiring.  Incidentally, the chosen fixture uses a 1.4w LED downlight bulb.

Here are a couple pictures to show off the end result:

LED lighting in hotel stairwell

LED lighting in hotel stairwell

LSC stairwell 2


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Recently, OLP of Austin donated a complete lighting package to be auctioned off at the annual Play Bingo fundraiser benefitting the Center for Child Protection.  The Center for Child Protection, a nationally accredited children’s advocacy center, is the first contact for children in Travis County who are suspected victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and for children who have witnessed a violent crime.

By donating the seven light system, OLP was proud to be a part of the money raised at the auction.  These funds will help provide funding for the Center for the upcoming year.

After the auction, OLP arrived at the winning bidder‘s house to install her new lighting system.  We completed the installation in a day and she loves how the LED lighting enhances her front yard.

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We were called out to this house because the homeowner was unhappy.  “my street is dark, my neighbors are dark, my house is dark” were the first words we heard when we met.  After some consultation and a night time demonstration, this recently became one of our latest customers to go with LED lighting on the front of their home.

The street is way below the house so we knew that down lighting from the trees was not going to work.  Instead we chose to up light both the front of the house and the tree canopies.  These large oak trees now with 30′ canopies now appear to tower high above street level.  We were also very pleased with the look on the facade of the house.  The homeowner had a standard white limestone rock common to many Austin homes and when lit with LED lighting provides a very rich, elegant look.  We were pleased with the results.

LED Landscape Lighting making a difference

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At OLP, we know that outdoor lighting is a science. When done properly, architectural and landscape lighting can enhance all the best parts of your property, but when it’s done poorly, it shows.

Outdoor lighting, including pool and landscape lighting can liven up your outdoor festivities

Recently we’ve been hearing from unhappy homeowners who received a sub par landscape lighting system through a handyman, landscaper, etc. It may be easier to have someone who’s already in the yard do your lighting, but when it isn’t the core part of their business, the product may not be what you wanted or expected. That’s why OLP has started to work with tradespeople to help enhance their business and provide their clients with the best product and service available.

“Teaming up we can handle it all  — from attention-getting design to higher-grade fixtures, to expert installation and worry-free maintenance. Butler Constructs wants the best for our customers, that’s why we’ve chosen a company like OLP who has developed their own source of low-voltage lighting fixtures: an American manufacturer who creates stunning high grade designs. They have also partnered with the leader in LED technology to bring you the finest, most advanced LED fixtures – also made in America of the finest materials.” – Butler Constructs

We’ve been working with other companies in the outdoor living categories for years. Whether it’s a landscaping project, pool or outdoor structure, it’s our job to enhance our partners’ work so it can be appreciated at all hours of the day.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor landscape lighting, please visit OutdoorLights.com.

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Posted by JaneGWalker on February 1st, 2012 @ 9:02 PM

If you’ve never visited Washington D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood, you’re missing out. It’s beautiful and has something for everyone to enjoy: great restaurants, eclectic shops, delicious bakeries, gorgeous parks and more. In the Georgetown area you can find the Washington Harbour, which provides luxury condos, offices, shops and restaurants along the Potomac River. On a nice day residents and visitors alike can watch boats pass on the river and enjoy views of the Kennedy Center and Watergate.

Difference between Induction and LED lightingThe Washington Harbour’s new induction lighting compared to compact florescent

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recently started working with the Washington Harbour on retrofitting their architectural and security lighting. When the weather is nice, the Washington Harbour hosts a number of outdoor events and needed better outdoor lighting to improve the atmosphere and security at night.

To cut down on the Harbour’s energy and maintenance costs, induction lighting is being used on the project’s retrofit of existing fixtures. Induction lighting isn’t as well known as LED lighting, but it is even more energy efficient and makes more sense for a lot of commercial applications like parking lots and garages, street lighting, etc. For the Washington Harbour, induction lighting reduces their overall energy consumption and is cutting down on their maintenance costs because induction bulbs last for up to 22 years! Check out some of the other benefits of commercial induction lighting compared to other technologies on our outdoor lighting comparison chart.

Induction Lighting Versus LED LightingInduction Lighting gives a brighter white light than CFL and LED

Although saving money and energy alone is a great reason to consider retrofitting existing commercial fixtures, it doesn’t mean that we have to compromise on the aesthetics of the project. In the image to the right, you can see the white light of induction lighting in comparison to the orange/yellow light of a depreciated CFL bulb. The white light improved the light quality of the Harbour’s buildings because it’s brighter than CFL, but it also gave them a consistent color output throughout the harbour. The color of CFL and LED bulbs may shift and change over time, whereas induction will remain steady from fixture to fixture.

Induction lighting and its’ reliable white light and longevity increases safety in areas like the Washington Harbour. The light is more pleasing the eye, allowing people to more clearly see where they are walking, biking, etc.

We are really excited about the Induction lighting project at the Washington Harbour because of all the benefits it provides for residents and visitors to the area. If you need help in planning, designing and installing a commercial lighting project, or just have more questions on what is best for you, please visit our commercial outdoor lighting website or call us at 800-447-1112.

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I’ve been asked several times recently if outdoor landscape lighting increases the resale value of a property.  I decided to do some investigation to determine if there is a clear answer to this question.

The simple answer is yes it does, but only if lighting is part of a comprehensive landscaping plan that goes beyond planting a few bushes, to include structural features like lighting, fences, garden paths, fire pits, swimming pools, and ponds.  Outdoor rooms, terraces, and decks are also high-yield structural investments.  The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recommends that homeowners invest 10 percent of the home’s value in total landscaping.

A good place to start might be a landscape architect as they generally look at key areas of enhancement. A patio, a deck, a front walk, complementary plantings in the front yard, and exterior lighting are all desirable features with today’s buyers.

When most people think of lighting the outside of their homes, they usually just consider safety and security. Important considerations, however, lighting can be incorporated into an overall landscape plan that also adds to the overall beauty of your property. The lighting of steps, paths and walkways will make the grounds of your property safer; the lighting of the home façade, trees, and outdoor living spaces will add significantly to the aesthetics and make the home more inviting.  And there is the obvious benefit of added security by eliminating dark areas of the yard.

If you drive through your neighborhood at night, the home that will stand out the most is the one that has properly designed outdoor landscape lighting. You can’t really see the other landscaping features at night, but look how the lighting makes that house stands out on its own.  Now ask yourself – do prospective buyers do this before purchasing?  In today’s market, you bet.

The consensus is that a properly landscaped yard does in fact increase the value of a home somewhere between 15% and 20%.  Just like investing in a kitchen remodel and expecting a certain return, a total landscape remodel that includes a well designed and implemented outdoor lighting plan, is well worth the investment when it comes time to sell that home.

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Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your friends and family.  As we head into the new year, it’s always been a time for optimism for us and certainly some of the recent economic indicators have been positive to fuel that optimism.  Since we still call ourselves the “new” owners of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Austin, we are especially optimistic about what the new year may bring for us.

One of our early goals for the new year is to be especially active publishing articles and updates on different lighting topics.  Whether it be new technologies, going green, or changing legislation, we hope you find our articles useful.  In that respect, we will be doing a lot more exclusive offers on Facebook for different seasonal promotions and discounts off some of our services.  We encourage you to become a fan of our site by clicking the Facebook “LIke” icon below or visiting our facebook page at facebook/OutdoorLightsAustin.com and then watch the feed for new offers from your friends at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

A simple closing by wishing a Happy New Year to all.

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