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Recently, OLP of Austin donated a complete lighting package to be auctioned off at the annual Play Bingo fundraiser benefitting the Center for Child Protection.  The Center for Child Protection, a nationally accredited children’s advocacy center, is the first contact for children in Travis County who are suspected victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and for children who have witnessed a violent crime.

By donating the seven light system, OLP was proud to be a part of the money raised at the auction.  These funds will help provide funding for the Center for the upcoming year.

After the auction, OLP arrived at the winning bidder‘s house to install her new lighting system.  We completed the installation in a day and she loves how the LED lighting enhances her front yard.


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Are you looking for a way to brighten up your holidays this season?   You may not be thinking about this with Labor Day just behind us, but now is the time to start planning.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is proud to offer our holiday lighting program.  Our program involves, design, ordering, installation, removal and storage of your holiday lighting display.  The lighting display is yours, not a rental, and your elements are purchased new, not used like some of the other cut rate lighting companies offer.

We have been supplying outdoor lighting solutions since 2005.  Years of experience gives us the ability for elegant design, from the classic to the playful, for holiday lighting your yard.  Our supplier relationships have thousands of different solutions and we’ll match your ideas with quality products including energy efficient LED lighting.

We do a professional installation scheduled when you want us to install.  We come back in January to remove everything after the holidays.  Once we tear down, we remove the lights and store in a controlled environment so you don’t have to bother with finding storage space yourself.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule your design appointment.  Call us at (512) 247-1815 or email us at olpaustin.outdoorlights.com.  Please visit our website at Austin.outdoorlights.com to see our gallery of holiday lighting and to learn more.

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We recently were called to a home in the West Austin area because the owner was having multiple problems with his outdoor lighting system and he wanted us to repair it.  Upon investigation, he mentioned that he had this system installed about 20 years ago with a combination of line voltage and low voltage lights, 45 in total.

Before proceeding, I’d like to share what this translates to in terms of energy consumption.  He had 25 lights connected to line voltage at 100w/bulb, or 2,500 watts/hour.  Add another 400 watts for the low voltage lights and he’s consuming 2,900w, or 2.9 kilowatts (kwh) for every hour that the lights are on.  Assuming that he runs the lights an average of 6 hours / day x 30.4 days in a month, he’s consuming 529 kwh every month.  Austin Energy is pretty cheap electricity and their bills are a little confusing, but just for energy usage, they charge about $.06 per kilowatt hour.  Doing the math, our new customer was spending about $32 per month just to run his outdoor lighting system.

Rather than proceeding with a system repair, we discussed the possibility of retrofitting this system to new LED technology.  The customer agreed and we ended up converting his line voltage lights to low voltage and utilizing 6w and 3w LED bulbs.

We ran the calculation again and here’s what we found:  25 LED bulbs x 6w + 20 LED bulbs x 3w = 210w, or .21 kwh.  Multiply .21 x 6 hours of usage x 30.4 days, and he now consumes 38.3 kwh in a month.    At $.06 cost / kwh, his energy cost after retrofit?  $2.29 per month.

529 kilowatts on the old system, 38 on the new, that’s a 93% reduction in consumption!  How’s that for a “green” application?

Oh, and the lights?  Customer loves it.  It’s all working again.  He loves the look of LED lighting.  The fact that he’s now paying $2.29 per month to elegantly light his yard, instead of $32, is just an added bonus.

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We were called out to this house because the homeowner was unhappy.  “my street is dark, my neighbors are dark, my house is dark” were the first words we heard when we met.  After some consultation and a night time demonstration, this recently became one of our latest customers to go with LED lighting on the front of their home.

The street is way below the house so we knew that down lighting from the trees was not going to work.  Instead we chose to up light both the front of the house and the tree canopies.  These large oak trees now with 30′ canopies now appear to tower high above street level.  We were also very pleased with the look on the facade of the house.  The homeowner had a standard white limestone rock common to many Austin homes and when lit with LED lighting provides a very rich, elegant look.  We were pleased with the results.

LED Landscape Lighting making a difference

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We’ve been using LED lighting for some time in our installations, but there’s always the questions from our prospective customers; Is it bright enough?  Is it too bright?  Does it output as much light as incandescent lights?

This last week, we did a nighttime demonstration for a potential new customer. We temporarily hooked up 6 LED lights and 2 incandescent lights in the same system and asked the prospect to see if they could identify which is which.  They couldn’t.  That’s good news.

Why?  Well it sort of puts to rest the perceived issue that LED lighting is not as good as the old standard.  It’s come a long way in the last year and now is as stable and as functional as any of the old incandescent technology.  But here’s the best part:  LED lighting is 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and that means big savings in electrical costs.  Second bonus:  LED bulbs are rated at 50,000 hours of usage which is 10 times the life of a halogen bulb and a lot less maintenance cost.  Imagine changing a bulb once every 5 years vs. every single year? Wow!

We have started offering LED conversions to our customers.  Fortunately, we have a line of bulbs that will replace the existing bulbs with just a simple bulb change – no modification to the fixture required and we are very excited about that.  It’s clear that with the green saving and lower maintenance, this will be the technology of the future.  As I’m sure Kermit the Frog once said, “sometimes, it just feels good to be green”.

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At OLP, we know that outdoor lighting is a science. When done properly, architectural and landscape lighting can enhance all the best parts of your property, but when it’s done poorly, it shows.

Outdoor lighting, including pool and landscape lighting can liven up your outdoor festivities

Recently we’ve been hearing from unhappy homeowners who received a sub par landscape lighting system through a handyman, landscaper, etc. It may be easier to have someone who’s already in the yard do your lighting, but when it isn’t the core part of their business, the product may not be what you wanted or expected. That’s why OLP has started to work with tradespeople to help enhance their business and provide their clients with the best product and service available.

“Teaming up we can handle it all  — from attention-getting design to higher-grade fixtures, to expert installation and worry-free maintenance. Butler Constructs wants the best for our customers, that’s why we’ve chosen a company like OLP who has developed their own source of low-voltage lighting fixtures: an American manufacturer who creates stunning high grade designs. They have also partnered with the leader in LED technology to bring you the finest, most advanced LED fixtures – also made in America of the finest materials.” – Butler Constructs

We’ve been working with other companies in the outdoor living categories for years. Whether it’s a landscaping project, pool or outdoor structure, it’s our job to enhance our partners’ work so it can be appreciated at all hours of the day.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor landscape lighting, please visit OutdoorLights.com.

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When we think of outdoor lights, we generally think of fixtures that are relatively resistant to sun, weather and the other outdoor elements. Indeed most are relatively resistant. But, there are a couple of things that an outdoor fixture can’t resist – falling leaves and fire ants.Well light lens cover

We all know fire ants are pests – especially when they build a nest in a high traffic area around our home. But, sometimes they can be bigger pests when they build nests around low traffic areas – right  inside the outdoor lighting fixture near the house or in a tree bed.

Fire ants will actually crawl up inside the lighting fixture with nesting materials such as dirt and make their nest inside the fixture. At best, this can cause the fixture to short out. In the worst case scenario, this can cause a fire. Either way, it’s an expensive proposition when $25 could have avoided that and avoided other problems as well.

Purchasing lens covers for your well lights will not only keep out insects, ants, and insect nests, but they will also keep out leaves, debris, brush, snow and other things that could fall in the fixture.  They are made of tempered glass which maintains the white light of the bulb and you can install them yourself, or we can install them for you.

If you have a lighting system from another source and are experiencing maintenance issues like this, call us at (512) 247-1815.  We do service existing systems.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives well light near a tree

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed well light near a tree

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