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The rain in Austin is unbelievable. Take a look at this footage from KXAN.

Rivers are overflowing. Roads are flooding and shutting down. Cars are flooding. Some of the water damage is visible now. Some won’t be seen until later.

One of the things I see out there in the field is outdoor light fixtures that get water down in the socket and the sockets rot out. This is something most people wouldn’t realize. They would simply see that their outdoor light is not coming on. Keeping the socket completely dry is critical for the fixture. And, it’s not something that you can do. It has to be done by the manufacturer. You need outdoor lighting fixtures with completely water tight sockets.

One thing you might want to look for as an indication that your fixture may be getting some structural damage is if the bulb continues to blow out. Our bulbs last about one year so if you’re using a good bulb and it continues to blow out, it’s best to have someone come out and look at your fixture. Purchasing multiple bulbs over the life of a fixture can be extremely costly.

Art Costello Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Austin

Art Costello Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Austin

I get calls lots of times from people who are having this problem. I’m really happy to take a look at the fixture and determine what is likely wrong with it. On my own fixtures, we have a warranty for the entire first year. There are no visit fees or any other fees. If there are any problems with the lights, someone from my team goes out and takes care of the problem.

That’s an important thing to look for if you’re considering purchasing outdoor lighting. If something goes wrong, will someone come out to your property to look at it for no charge? Will they come out but charge you a fee? Or, do you have to return the product to a big box store or local distributor? Some of my customers have told me they’ve purchased a product at a distributor and then had to return it directly to the manufacturer. All of this is tough to do when the fixtures and wires are buried in your yard.

If you’re thinking about outdoor lighting, my evening demonstration is completely free – just as my service of the lighting I install. Give me a ring and we’ll set something up.

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